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East Wenatchee

head profile Abby Mitchell
Case Manager
(509) 886-0700 x236
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angie padron Angie Padron
Information and Assistant Specialist
(509) 886-0700 x216
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head profile Betty Rae Adams
Case Manager
(509) 886-0700 x201
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Bruce Buckles Bruce Buckles
Executive Director
(509) 886-0700 x200
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head profile Wilfred English
Assistant MH Ombudsman I
(509) 886-0700 x222
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Christine Johnson Christine Johnson
Contract Specialist I
(509) 886-0700 x231
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head profile Dawn Cummings
Office Assistant I
(509) 886-0700 x205
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Diane Tribble Diane Tribble
Manager of Community Services
(509) 886-0700 x225
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head profile Emily Worley
Fiscal Specialist
(509) 886-0700 x221
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head profile Erin Nelson
Manager of Contracts Department
(509) 886-0700 x232
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head profile Sandra Larsen
Case Manager
(509) 886-0700 x207
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Jamie Wirth Jaime Wirth
Case Aide
(509) 886-0700 x219
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Jill Dempsey Jill Dempsey
Contract Monitor
(509) 886-0700 x212
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head profile Josh Hamilton
Information Technology System Specialist II
(509) 886-0700 x226
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head profile Kathy Wright
Contract Specialist I
(509) 886-0700 x220
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head profile Ken Sterner
Assistant Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman
(509) 886-0700 x215
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Kristie Neff Kristie Neff
Registered Nurse
(509) 886-0700 x209
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Lisa Bozett Lisa Bozett
Office Assistant Senior
(509) 886-0700 x206
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Melissa Sturgis Melissa Sturgis
Case Manager
(509) 886-0700 x218
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head profile Stan Mowrey
Facility Maintenance Tech
head profile Rachel Evans
Fiscal Specialist
(509) 886-0700 x224
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head profile Stacy Salley
Community Services Specialist
(509) 886-0700 x204
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head profile Tammy Harvey
Director of Fiscal & Personnel
(509) 886-0700 x203
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head profile Trish Buxton
Office Assistant I
(509) 886-0700 x110
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Valerie Graber Valerie Graber
Director of Case Management Services
(509) 886-0700 x201
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 Ali Lafontaine  Ali Lafontaine
Manager of Case Management Services II & JRP
(509) 886-0700 x309
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Moses Lake

 Ali Lafontaine Ali Lafontaine
Manager of Case Management Services II & JRP
(509) 766-2568 x309
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head profile Beatriz Herrera
Case Manager
(509) 766-2568 x318
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Bob Poindexter
Community Services Specialist
(509) 766-2568 x306
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head profile Brooks Bentzinger
Community Services Specialist
(509) 766-2568 x313
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head profile Sandra Zavala
Case Manager
(509) 766-2568 x319
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head profile Holly Petersen
Case Manager
(509) 766-2568 x312
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head profile Isidro Alvarez
Case Manager
(509) 766-2568 x304
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head profile Jeff Howard
Community Services Specialist
(509) 766-2568 x310
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head profile Lisa Kunz
Assistant MH Ombudsman I
(509) 766-2568 x314
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head profile LaVerta Bloxton
Registered Nurse
(509) 766-2568 x311
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Linda DeLaCruz Linda De La Cruz
Case Manager
(509) 766-2568 x228
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head profile Rosa Linda Ruiz
Case Manager
(509) 766-2568 x303
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 head profile Celia Williams
Case Manager
(509) 766-2568 x320
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head profile Stephanie Kelley
Case Manager
(509) 766-2568 x302
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head profile Susan Corbin
Manager of Case Management Services
(509) 766-2568 x308
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 head profile Jenalle Wentworth
Case Aide
(509) 766-2568 x301
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Annie Rough
Case Manager
(509) 826-7452 x407
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Darla Bedard
Case Aide
(509) 826-7452 x404
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Debbie Peterson
Manager of Case Management Services / RN
(509) 826-7452 x406
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Megan Malsam
Case Manager
(509) 826-7452 x403
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Mike Hardin
Case Manager
(509) 826-7452 x409
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Vicki Maxey
Case Manager
(509) 826-7452 x401
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head profile Wendy Shrable
Community Services Specialist
(509) 826-7452 x408
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