Assistance in Your Home

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Aging and Adult Care of Central Washington can assist you to remain comfortably and safely in your home. Please contact us at (509) 886-0700 if you would like more information about any of the following programs:

Aging Network Chore
Aging Network Chore provides household care, assistance with activities of daily living, personal care and/or protective supervision to older persons who need help with allowable chore services if they are to live independently in their own homes.


COPES Case Management

Case management conducts assessments and reassessments for functionally impaired adults at risk of institutionalization.  Case management also helps clients in accessing, obtaining, and effectively using the necessary services which will enable them to maintain the highest level of independence in the least restrictive setting.

COPES Environmental Modification
The COPES Environmental Modification program provides physical adaptations to the home of a client.  The adaptations must be necessary to ensure the client’s health, welfare, and safety, must enable the client to function with greater independence in the home, must be of direct and remedial benefit to the client, and without which the client would require institutionalization.

COPES Home Health Aide & Skilled Nursing
Home Health Aide provides assistance with hands-on personal care, ambulation, exercise, and self-administered medications to clients in their own homes on a visiting basis.  Skilled Nursing services are provided by an RN or LPN, under RN’s supervision, on a visiting basis when the client has temporary skilled nursing needs beyond the scope which can be provided by non-licensed staff.  The services must be medically necessary.

COPES Personal Care
COPES Personal Care provides assistance with personal care and household tasks.  The client must be determined Medicaid eligible for nursing home level of care.  Financial participation may be required.

Kinship Navigator Program
The Kinship Navigator Program is designed to assist grandparents and other relatives navigate the system of services for children living with relatives.  Assistance is provided to relatives connecting them to needed services and resources to keep children from entering foster care.

Medicaid Personal Care
The Medicaid Personal Care program provides assistance with personal care and household tasks for persons with at least one personal care task need.  The client must be SSI eligible.

Medication Dispensers
AACCW offers a medication dispenser system called the MMS 501 which provides an electronic device that organizes and dispenses single or multiple medications on a timed basis.  The MMS 501 also electronically signals the consumer when it is time to take the medication, and will contact the CST Care Center when medication doses are skipped, enabling the appropriate follow-up by the client or caregiver.  The MMS 501 program consists of a system for the delivery of services on a temporary or long-term basis for the purpose of:

  • Assisting clients in monitoring and managing illness and/or medicinal needs from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Protecting clients from potentially unsafe and unhealthy conditions.

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
PERS monitors the frail, homebound elderly by means of an electronic device that secures help in the event of an emergency.  The response center has access to the client’s local response network including police, fire, ambulance, friends and/or neighbors depending on the nature of the emergency.

Professional Nursing Services
Nursing services are provided in residential and home settings.  The services enhance the Community Options Program Entry System (COPES), Medicaid Personal Care, and the Developmental Disabilities program.  Nursing services are initiated on a referral basis from case managers and social workers.